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Day of Service at Washington Center for Aging Services

June 11, 2016
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Washington Center for Aging Services
2601 18th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20018

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Juan Thomas (NBA President-Elect)

Juan is currently the Vice President of the NBA for Regions & Affiliates.  Juan’s campaign message is focused on three primary priorities.  1) The NBA's primary purpose must be to help lawyers grow professionally and offer resources for them to develop in their careers. 2) Ensure that the NBA is in a position to raise the financial resources and also properly manage those resources that are needed to operate the Association.  3) Ensure that the Association continues to build on this legacy by making sure that the NBA is taken seriously as a legal and civil rights organization by having future leadership that is mature, thoughtful, and reflective.

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Patrick McGlone (DC Bar President Elect)

Patrick’s campaign message is focused on the following priorities.  1) To continue to improve the delivery of legal services to individuals living in poverty, and engage lawyers in offering pro bono services. 2) To lead the Bar's fulfillment of the priorities and objectives in its Strategic Plan. 3) To ensure the Bar's efficient delivery of value to members and the Bar's prudent management of its fiscal resources, especially as it builds its new office building. 4) To increase lawyers' opportunities to educate middle school and high school students in civics and the rule of law. 5) To support the Bar's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Karen Evans (DC Bar Board of Govenors)

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Jessic Adler (DC Board of Govenors)

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Keeshea Turner-Roberts (DC Bar Family Law Steering Committee)

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Emily Petrino (DC Bar Family Law Steering Committee)


Phillip Medley (DC Bar Family Law Steering Committee)

Philip Medley is an assistant attorney general in the Child Support Services Division of the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia. In that capacity, Mr. Medley works as a tireless advocate for underserved members of the community. Mr. Medley specializes in child support cases concerning families that have related cases pending before the Domestic Relations Branch, the Domestic Violence Unit, and the Neglect Branch of the Superior Court. Prior to his position at the Office of the Attorney General, Mr. Medley served as the law clerk to the Honorable Melvin R. Wright of the D.C. Superior Court


Wynter Allen (DC Bar Liaison to ABA House of Delegates)

My name is Wynter Allen.  I am a member of GWAC. I am running for the DC Bar spot on the ABA House of Delegates. The control and administration of the ABA is vested in the House of Delegates, the policy-making body of the association.  Action taken by the House of Delegates on specific issues becomes official ABA policy.  My interest and involvement in the ABA the DC Bar makes me a great candidate for the ABA House of Delegates and I ask for your support. 


The voting period runs until May 20, 2016  Votes can be cast online at: https://www.dcbar.org/vote/index.cfm 


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2016 Charlotte E. Ray Award Reception Honoring
Judge Fern Flanagan Saddler

Greetings!  I am extremely humbled to serve as your President for the 2015-2016 bar year.  GWAC was founded on the principles of community engagement and improving opportunities for African American women in the legal profession.  My predecessors all worked extremely hard to ensure that this organization continued to thrive and impact the lives of those in and beyond the Greater Washington D.C. area; thus, I do not take my position lightly.  As a proud graduate of Howard University School of Law, it goes without saying that I was trained to appreciate the critical role of the black lawyer.  We cannot simply be comfortable in using our law degrees to be strictly litigators, professors, analysts, lobbyists, and/or politicians. Instead, if you are not already aware, I challenge you to understand that our purpose is much greater.  We are social engineers, called to influence and educate not just our fellow practitioners but, more importantly, to advance the causes of African Americans as a whole.  

In addition, here in the District of Columbia, Charlotte E. Ray made history by passing the bar exam and becoming the nation’s first African American woman lawyer.  To this end, we must not overlook the unique bond we share as black women.  I was once asked whether there is a need for an organization like GWAC, and why, since black women hold positions in many D.C.-Metro area bar associations.  Undeterred, I immediately realized that I was being given an opportunity to not only educate this particular individual but to substantiate the importance of my esteemed association. No matter how lucrative and straightforward even the most successful black woman lawyer's career path has been, undoubtedly, there are certain experiences that she has distinctively shared with all other black women in this profession. Thus, it is imperative that we continue to advance and protect our interests through educational programming, networking, service, and similar opportunities.  

My goals this bar year include fostering GWAC’s continued presence in the D.C. legal community, working closely alongside our parent organization, the National Bar Association and our fellow affiliate, the Washington Bar Association, promoting a significant amount of resources and relevant programing to members from all stages of the profession, and actively interacting and serving our community. I am always accessible and encourage you to reach out with any questions, ideas, and/or concerns for purposes of making this bar year successful. Finally, please encourage your colleagues, family members, and friends to join GWAC or renew their membership.  The support of the legal community has been a significant factor in keeping GWAC a constant, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Warmest Regards, 

 Brandes S. G. Ash, President, 2015-2016

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